Hpapun, January (3)

The Karen National Union (KNU) has issued a final warning to the junta staff in Brigade 5 of Hpapun District to resign from their jobs within ten days and not participate in the election to be held by the Military Council.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 5 has issued an order on January 1 that the local people of Kamamaung town and neighboring villages in Hpapun should not join the military council and that all departmental personnel should resign from their work.

In that statement, departmental staff and administrators in the area of the 5th Brigade were told to leave their positions and not to take any actions in support of the military regime, and all departmental staff between January 1 and 10.

In addition, it warned that anyone in the area of the 5th Brigade should not participate in the elections to be held by the Military Council in 2023.

The 5th Brigade told them to respect their statement and to take legal action against those who do not comply with the law; those who could not take action will also suffer the consequences.

The 2nd Brigade, Taungoo District, like the KNLA Brigade 5, is strongly opposed to the election of the military council and has informed the local population that they need to strike against any interests of the military group.

According to the monthly report of the 5th Brigade, there is currently a heavy fighting between the KNLA Joint Force and the Military Council in the area of the 5th Brigade of KNU Hpapun District, and the Military Council has suffered many casualties.

News-Than Lwin Times

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