Ye, January (4)

The regime forces recklessly opened fire into Baelamine village in Lamaing Town of Mon State’s Ye, injuring three local residents, the sources confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

The Ye-based artillery unit 319 of junta army indiscriminately fired mortar shells aroned Baelamaing village around 5 pm on January 2.

The shell fired by military council exploded near crusher in Baelamaing village.

The shrapnel from Junta’s shell struck the man in the leg, a woman in the neck, and another woman in the belly.

The rescue team transported the three injured civilians to Lamaing hospital.

The regime forces fired mortar shells into Lamaing village when there was no fighting after the military convoy was attacked on its way to Mytel tower for inspection near old Kyonlaung village in Ye on January 2.

On December 27, the Ye Balu, a resistance group, ambushed a military truck from LIB 591 as it was returning from a school near the Kyaungywa village in Ye.

News-Than Lwin Times

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