Loikaw, January (12)

Local airlines flying to Loikaw Airport in Kayah State have been suspended indefinitely since January 4, the airlines reported.

Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) and Air KBZ operate flights to Loikaw Airport.

According to the Air KBZ ticket office, flights have been suspended due to the current security situation and there is no word on when they will resume.

Local residents believe that Loikaw Airport was hit with a propellant missile on January 3, which could be the reason for the suspension of flights.

A junta soldier was reportedly killed in the airport incident, but this could not be confirmed. And it is unknown which group carried out the attack.

After a Myanmar National Airlines (NMA)’s aircraft was shot down on the Yangon-Loikaw route in September, NMA halted the flight, and now Air KBZ Airlines has also cancelled the service.

At Loikaw Airport, Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) operates a round-trip flight between Loikaw and Yangon, and Air KBZ Airlines operates a Yangon-Loikaw trip.

News-Than Lwin Times

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