Mawlamyine, Januayr (12)

The number of IDPs fleeing the conflict has increased more than before due to fighting between the KNLA revolutionary forces and the military dictatorship in KNU Brigade 6 and humanitarian aid is desperately needed, according to the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) and Karen National Union (KNU).

Fighting has escalated as a result of clashes between the KNLA and the military council in Kawt Nwet village, Kawkayeik Township, and Brigade 6 until the end of December, starting on December 19, 2022.

Similarly, other clashes broke out in Taungsun village and Kyainseikgyi Township in early January, 2023.

The regime forces have been deliberately firing heavy weapons and conducting airstrikes on the villages on a daily basis, resulting in the deaths of some local residents and forcing many people to flee to safety.

The junta’s military operations have forced thousands of locals from Taungsun village, Win Ye Town; Kawt Nwet village in Kawkayeik; and villages in Kyainseikgyi to flee, said Saw Nada Suu, an officer of KHRG.

Currently, the displaced people are in need of food, medicine, and food supplies, but due to the military activities of the military council and the security situation in the area, there are many difficulties in delivering the aid to the displaced people.

The junta forces conducted 11 airstrikes an dropped about 30 bombs on the villages and field works in KNU Brigade 6 (Dooplaya District) in December. Besides, the mortar shells killed two monks and injured 13 others, including children, the KNU reported.

Due to the daily fighting in some other brigade areas, including the KNU 6th Brigade, the displaced people are unable to earn a living in the villages and have to flee to safety, and the refugees are in urgent need of food supplies, medicine, clothing, and shelters, the KNU reported.

News-Than Lwin Times

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