Mortar strike injures one local resident, forcing 2,000 villagers to flee in Kyaukgyi


Kyaukgyi, January (20)

According to the KNU, regime troops fired artillery shells into the villages, injuring one resident, and over 2,000 people fled their homes in the KNU-controlled Kyaukgyi Township during the month of January.

In the 15 days from January 3 to 17, the junta army fired 31 heavy weapons into eight villages inhabited by civilians, damaging two homes and a woodpile in Kyaukgyi Township under KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District, the statement said.

A16-year-old local resident was injured, and 2,566 people fled as a result of the mortar shelling.

The regime units that fired heavy weapons were IB 124, IB 60, and LIB 351 and LIB 439, all stationed in the KNU Nyaunglaybin District.

The junta troops fired thirty-one heavy weapons into eight villages: nine mortar shells into Khale Tuye village, four into Gede village, two into Pakaw Khee village, two into Kyokone village, two into Thayay Silaw village, five into Matawkuu village, and four each into Thaygawde village and Shwe Pauk Kan.

In recent days, the military council launched heavy weapons and drones against the KNU Nyaunlaybin District’s Moan Township, killing local civilians; more than 1,600 people are reported to have fled to safety.

News- Than Lwin Times


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