Lamaing, January (21)

On January 20, five military personnel were killed on their way back from school in Mawkanin village in Mon State’s Ye Township, the Ye Guerilla Force (YGF) told Than Lwin Times.

At around 9 am yesterday, the Ye Guerrilla Force (YGF) ambushed six members of the military regime from the 317th Artillery who were returning on their motorcycle after sending the students to Mawkanin School.

The attack killed five soldiers and one escaped, but the YGF seized three weapons, according to Lieutenant Kyan Yit.

After the incident, the 317th Artillery launched mortar shells, injuring one local in Kaninkamaw village.

Later, the regime’s forces searched and barricaded the road, leaving the vehicles trapped.

On January 18, the Ye Guerilla Force (YGF) attacked the police station in Htin Shuu village in Thanbyuzayat Township, killing five policemen, injuring three others.

In addition, the YGF shot and killed a police officer from the Special Intelligence Department (Special Branch) in Lamaing Town on January 6.

News-Than Lwin Times

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