Kyondoe, January (27)

The regime forces have retreated after suffering heavy casualties in the fighting that took place near Kyondoe in Karen State, according to the Lion Battalion Commando’s statement.

The combined forces of the strategic column of Lion Battalion Commando, the 6th Brigade of KNU/KNDO and the Garuda Column (Galon) clashed with the junta armed forces which invaded and stationed in Kyondoe’s villages—Kawtkyaik, Migalon, Kanni starting January 20.

According to the statement, fighting broke out between January 20 and 26 and resulted in the deaths of over 90 military members and the injuries of 50 more. After the fighting, the junta’s forces retreated.

During the six-day battle, the No. 545 and 546 artillery units fired over 200 mortar shells into Kanni village, as well as at least ten aerial bombings, destroying five houses.

The two comrades of allied resistance forces lost their lives in the battle, the strategic column of the Lion Battalion Commando reported.

More than 10,000 residents from the villages—Kanni, Kawkar, Kawtkyaik, Migalon, Thayattaw and Tadar-U – fled their homes because of the fighting that broke out near Kyondoe. News-Than Lwin Times

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