Kyondoe, January (29)

Although the military situation in Karen’s Kyondoe Township, where the fierce fighting took place, has calmed down, regime troops are still firing heavy weapons into the villages, and most of the displaced people have not yet dared to return home, local residents told the Than Lwin Times.

More than 10,000 local people in Kyongdo township had to flee as there was a fierce battle between the allied resistance forces and the junta army, which advanced towards the villages of Kanni, Thayattaw, Nyaung Yeik Thar, Migalon and Kawtkyaik in Kyungdo township from January 20 to 26.

Currently, the fighting in the Kyondoe seems to have abated, but the military council forces are still firing heavy weapons into the villages, so the IDPs are not willing to return to their homes at the moment, said a refugee.

Those displaced from the Kyondoe region are seeking refuge in monasteries and acquaintances’ homes in nearby villages, while others are hiding in the forests and receiving assistance from aid organizations.

Currently, the number of people fleeing the conflict has increased in the townships of Kyainseikgyi, Kawkayeik, and Kyondoe under KNU Brigade 6 in Dooplayar District, and they are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

News-Than Lwin Times

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