Interview with civil disobedience movement worker

The junta regime formed the teams comprised with military officers and staff personnel in his administrative sector to take actions against the workers in civil disobedience movement in respective regions and states.   

These teams were tasked to investigate appointment of CDM workers at the private hospitals, clinics and schools. If found, they will have to submit reports in one months to seal the properties and buildings, and to take legal actions.

This interview highlights the response to junta’s actions against CDMers and various forms of oppression on them as they are struggling for their livelihoods.

TLT: How will you respond to the preparations of military regime’s legal actions against civil disobedience movement?

CDM worker: Actually, we are not targeted directly. Educational and health care workers are prohibited in private sector. It is known that the military regime put direct pressures on business firms. We are facing normal oppression. Arrest is not made from door to door. But we are restricted from working normally. Many CDM workers were dismissed from their jobs. Only very few teachers have joined the resistance forces, while some medical doctors are working in the areas of anti-military guerillas. The regime is making various problems for us. However, it makes us proud because we are still in their mind. If we were the junta officials, we would neglect CDM workers and focus on the welfare of non-CDM staff.

They are likely to confess that they cannot operate their administration well without us. So, they are making various problems for us. Instead, they should focus on their manpower.

TLT: Why do the junta make restrictions on CDM workers? And what is your remark on this oppression?

CDM worker: This is human rights violation. We have the rights for our decision. As we left our jobs, we were suspended from the jobs in 2021. The military has punished us in line with civil service regulations. We did not complain it. We were first invited for departmental enquiry. We did not respond to it. And thus, we were fired from the job. After 6 months, we were informed to submit appeal to rejoin the job. We neglected it.  As per their regulations, we breached the rules, and we agreed their dismissal. We are no more related to civil service works. Our new career is not concerned with them. We will apply our knowledge in private sector. However, they are making disturbances in our private lives deliberately.  This action is not a good practice for a government, not even a gentle person. It is human rights violation. Some persons experience more impacts from such inhumane acts, compared to our sufferings.   

TLT: What is your final remark on junta regime?

CDM worker: In fact, it has proved that they cannot control the revolution. They are making more oppression on people with fears. CDM workers were arrested at the airports, and that they could not go abroad legal route. Actually, the junta is afraid of the mass exodus of CDM workers from Myanmar to other countries. On the other hand, the regime poses various hindrances to us in livelihoods. Their message is that we will face many difficulties due to our opposition to them. They are like gangsters in mafia movies. They are violating human rights. Their act is unashamedly nonethical. They failed to do suitable management for a de facto government. Instead, they are exercising gangster practices.

TLT: Could you make a conclusion remark?

CDM worker: Nothing special. I reiterate that the regime is violating human rights, forcing us into the unemployed persons to suffer from starvation. They are also committing various forms of human rights abuses to others. There are many stories about their inhumane acts. They are bullying us now. However, they also need to prepare for the reaction which it returns to them.

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