Mawlamyine, January (31)

Bean prices in Mon State continue to rise because of high demand from India and China, the bean traders told Than Lwin Times.

The domestic price of green gram (Shwe Wah) was around 48,000 kyats per basket in the first week of January, and reached 63,000 kyats in the last week of January, increasing by 15,000 kyats per basket.

Furthermore, the price of black gram and soybean increased from 50,000 kyats to around 56,000 kyats per basket, and the price of other beans and pulses increased by 3,000 kyats to more than 1,000 kyats per basket, depending on the variety.

Along with increased demand from India and China, bean farmers were unable to apply fertilizers following the military coup, resulting in a decrease in yield and a rise in prices, according to a bean supplier.

He stated that, despite the high demand for beans from abroad, the production rate and storage of beans remain low.

Another bean trader said, “the bean prices are rising due to high foreign demand, and this season is profitable for farmers. Myanmar beans are also purchased by Thailand and China”.

Following the military takeover, bean farmers grow their crops later than usual because of the rains, the increasing price of fertilizer, and other costs. As a result, the yield will likely be much lower.

In Mon State, black gram, soybean and green gram (Shwe Wah) are mainly grown, producing more than 20,000 tons of pulses every year.

India and China are the largest buyers of Myanmar’s beans, while other countries that import beans include Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, and Pakistan.

News-Than Lwin Time

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