Thayetchaung, 6 February

Junta soldiers and their affiliated militia, Pyusawhti, burnt down a school in Nyaungzin village of Thayetchaung Township in Thanintharyi region on 3 February.

After a member of Pyisawhti was killed on that morning, over 30 members of their joint group entered the village around noon and carried out an arson attack to the school.

“When the school building was ablaze, forces of junta regime and fire fighters tried to extinguish it. Soldiers and Pyusawhti members accused the PDF of this arson attack. No civilian was allowed to put out the fire,” said a local to Than Lwin Times.

While the school was burning, the junta troops made 8 warning shots, and that the villagers could not extinguish the fire.

The two-storey and U-shape building was closed after the military coup as 1,000 students of this school did not return to their classes anymore in protest against the coup.

After the fire was choked , the junta troops patrolled in the village, and arrested a suspected man for killing their militia.

News– Than Lwin Times

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