Thandaung, Febrary (8)

According to locals, regime troops have invaded areas of Thandaung (13 miles), where military tensions have flared up.

The clash broke out after the resistance force shot junta forces with snipers in Thandaung (13 miles) under KNU Brigade 2 on January 27, and the regime forces fired back mortar shells on Thandaung Township.

As a result of the shooting, nearly 8,000 people fled to safety, and the weapon destroyed a monastery and local homes, while some homes were also destroyed by the regime forces.

The military council has increased its military presence in Thandaung and surrounding areas in recent days, according to resistance forces.

According to a local who fled the conflict, Thadaung town is nearly empty because the situation is still unstable and no one has dared to go back to their homes.

Following a mine attack on a military council convoy on the Taungoo-Thadaung (13-mile) highway, the military council burned down a KNU official’s home in Thandaung town, destroying at least eight homes.

News-Than Lwin Times

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