Wallay, February (9)

The Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO)’s 8th Battalion has announced that the Wallay-Htee Kapale under KNU Brigade 6 in Karen State, has been closed due to the continued military tension between the two sides since February 8.

On January 31, the KNDO joint force launched a drone attack on a junta outpost in Htee Kapale village near Wallay region in southern Myawaddy of Karen State, killing four soldiers, including two squadron commanders.

After the attack, the KNDO issued a statement that no civilians or vehicles were allowed to pass through the Wallay-Htee Kapale road.

The KNDO added that they will not allow any vehicles or people to pass through under any circumstances until the end of the battle, and that they will not be responsible for the consequences of not complying with this statement.

Recently, the tension between the combined forces of the KNDO and the military regime has escalated near the Wallay region in southern Myawaddy.

According to a local, the KNDO’s 8th Battalion has blocked the road between Wallay and Htee Kapale out of concern that the fighting may worsen and hurt civilians.

In March 2022, the KNDO joint forces raided the military council’s base camp in the area of the 6th Brigade and captured it up to the lower camp hill, but they had to retreat due to the military council’s air attack.

News-Than Lwin Times

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