Mawlamyine, February (12)

The Mon Unity Party (MUP), an ethnic political party, decided at the party’s central committee meeting to register as a political party at the state level.

After the Military Council promulgated the law on the registration of political parties, the Mon Unity Party held a central committee meeting on February 11 to discuss the re-registration of its party.

According to the decision of the central committee meeting yesterday, the party has decided to register at the state level, and they will reportedly apply to the junta’s Union Election Commission (UEC) within 60 days for party establishment and registration.

The Mon Unity Party (MUP) ran in the most recent general election in Mon and Karen States, Yangon, Bago, and Taninthary Regions, and won 12 representative seats.

When the military took over in late February 2021, MUP joined the military regime and sent two winning representatives to the military council at the union and state levels to join as members.

According to the military council’s party registration law, if a party conducts mobilization throughout the country, the party must open party offices in at least 165 townships within 180 days, including 100,000 party members and Ks 100 million in funds within 90 days of registration.

Some political parties have decided to register only in one region or state due to the military council’s restricted party registration law.

Currently, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and the Myanmar People’s Democratic Party have applied for the right to establish and register a political party, according to a statement from the junta-controlled Union Election Commission (UEC).

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