Myawaddy, February (12)

Amid military tension, the regime troops carried out more airstrikes in Htee Kapale village in KNU Brigade 6, destroying some religious buildings, according to the revolutionary forces.

The tension between the two sides has escalated since late January, when coalition forces from KNDO Battalion 8 used drones to attack a junta outpost in Htee Kaple village in southern Myawaddy in Brigade 6.

After that, the 8th KNDO Battalion warned civilians and organizations not to use the Wallay-Htee Kapale highway from February 8 for fear of harming the local population.

According to a source from the KNDO Battalion 8 , the Christian Church was destroyed when the junta troops bombed the village of Htee Kapale at 8 pm on February 9.

The junta troops have been continuously firing heavy weapons and airstrikes on the area of the KNU 6th Brigade, resulting in the deaths and injuries of civilians and the destruction of residential buildings.

News-Than Lwin Times

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