Mawlamyine, February (14)

The Mon Unity Party (MUP), an ethnic political party, made a unanimous decision at the party’s central committee meeting held on February 11 to register the party with the junta-established Union Election Commission (UEC).

According to the decision of the central committee meeting, MUP was having difficulty in registering as a party to organize nationwide, so it was decided to register the party at the Mon state level.

According to the Mon Unity Party, registering the party is necessary for the party to continue to thrive and interact with the public.

A spokesperson for the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) said that since the election to be held by the military council is illegal, the Mon Unity Party (MUP) does not need to register as a party.

Furthermore, the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) has urged individuals not to participate in illegal elections because giving legitimacy to a terrorist military regime could prolong the dictatorship.

The Mon State Interim Cooperation Committee (MSICC), which was established in 2021 following the military coup, was reformed on January 15 as the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC).

Currently, three members of the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) have ministerial positions in the National Unity Government (NUG), while three others are members of National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

The Mon Unity Party (MUP) ran for election in the Yangon, Bago and Tanintharyi Regions, and Mon State and Karen States in the 2020 general election, winning 12 representative seats.

However, in late February 2021, when the military coup d’état, the MUP cooperated with the military council and sent two representatives at the union level and the state level to be members of the military council.

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