Hpapun, February (18)

Schools and residential buildings were destroyed during a two-day aerial bombardment of KNU Brigade 5’s villages by junta aircraft, the KNU reported on February 17.

On February 15, at 11:30 pm, three fighter jets of the military council dropped six bombs on Htaw Htee Pal Village, Paykayde village tract of Luthw Township in Hpapun District, destroying a school with seven buildings, six houses, three shops, and two granaries were hit and burnt to ashes, according to the statement.

A rice mill, four tractors, two motorcycles, a Wi-Fi satellite dish, and other items were also damaged, costing more than three million Thai baht.

Moreover, the military regime’s three fighter jets dropped six bombs on Daybuno village in Luthaw Township, Phapon District, on February 14 at 10 pm, burning down six houses, according to KNU.

In recent days, the regime troops have continuously carried out airstrikes on KNU’s Hpapun District, Brigade 5 and Dooplaya District, Brigade 6 areas.

According to KNU, 13 people, including children and a pastor, were killed and nine were injured in January 2023 as a result of the military council’s nearly 60 bombardments of the Hpapun and Dooplaya Districts.

News-Than Lwin Times

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