Interview with U Nay Bone Latt, spokesperson of Prime Minister’s Office of National Unity Government.

The military regime reported on 14 February that people defense forces, affiliated with National Unity Government, is breaching international law, with devastating educational sector.

The report said that PDF conducted 528 bomb attacks at schools and universities/colleges, 123 arson attacks to schools and 115 intimidations not to open schools.

The response of NUG to military’s accusation and the reason of this accusation were asked to U Nay Bone Latt, spokesperson of Prime Minister’s Office of National Unity Government, in this interview

TLT: How will NUG response to the accusation of junta about breaching international law?

NBL: It is not strange for our people to hear the monstrous lies of military’s spokesperson, Zaw Min Tun. The world has also realized it. Actually, the military is targeting people, with violent attacks, the massacre of civilians, destroying public property and killing thousands of people including children, pregnant women, and elderly persons by air strikes and ground forces.

They have burnt down over 50,000 houses and set fire many villages. These crimes were committed by the Myanmar military led by Min Aung Hlaing and their Pyusawhit militias. However, the military use fake pictures and accuse other of committing the crimes they carried out. They will create fake stories, pretending themselves as innocent organization.

TLT: The military carried out air strike on schools (for example in Letyetkone incident), killing school children. But, why did they accuse NUG of committing such crime?

NBL: The National Unity Government has the Ministry of Defense that includes people defense forces which will become a federal army in the future and ethnic forces. We have systematic Code of Conduct and chain of command which are necessary for well-organized army.

We are preparing ourselves to establish a federal Union, while we are nurturing people defense forces to substitute the existing terrorist military. We also exercise the Code of Conduct with trainings and psycho tests. In addition to these PDFs, other local defence forces are recognized as the revolutionary forces.

We punish crimes against humanity and attacking civilians. We form committee to investigate such offenses.

TLT: What is your concluding remark on the recent misinformation of junta?

NBL: We have vowed to protect people as the military has transformed into a terrorist army due to the mismanagement of deceitful generals. But they are controlling people’s power illegitimately. The collaborative efforts of people, CRPH, NUG , NUCC and ethnic revolution forces are required to remove this terrorist army for the establishment of a new state. We must have clear vision on present situation as the military is trying to portray the reverse image of our revolution.

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