Fighting continues on daily basis in eastern Dawei


Dawei, February (22)

There have been daily clashes between the combined force of the PDFs and regime forces in the villages of eastern Dawei, the comrades told Than Lwin Times.

About 100 troops of a military column have advanced towards Wakone, Thaingangone and Baematat regions in eastern Dawei since February 15.

At least eight military personnel were injured during the four-day fighting, which erupted from February 15th to 18th.

Comrade Bo Bo from the Cuckoo column of Dawei PDF Battalion-1 lost his life in the battle.

Meanwhile, the junta shell destroyed a school and two houses and injured one child in the battle that broke out in Thaingyantone village.

The regime column had left for Pakaryi and Mytta Townships, but tensions between the two forces remained high.

After months of a break in fighting, it broke out again between the junta army and the PDFs. News-Than Lwin Times


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