Junta reinforcements ambushed in Magway


Thayet, 23 February

Military reinforcements were ambushed as they headed to Thayet Township where a police station was raided by local guerrilla forces on 20 February.

A police camp officer and at least eight soldiers, including a captain from No.12 Branch of Defence Industries, were killed in the incident, according to the report of    Thayet People’s Defense Force to Than Lwin Times.

 The local resistance forces used three 40-mm   launcher in attacking Sinkaw police station, and two explosions killed a police officer, his deputy officer and ‌a lance corporal. Three others were also injured in the incident.

A   private light-truck car loading with 25 soldiers of reinforcement was attacked by landmines and gunfire from both sides of the road.

 “Soldiers forced to use a private car for the reinforcement. The civilian driver was reportedly killed in the attack,” said Ko Myat, the information officer at Battalion 4 of Thayet PDF to Than Lwin Times.

The Thayet PDF also expressed their condolence on the death of this driver, and reminded more civilians to get rid of soldiers.

The recent attack was jointly conducted by Battalion 4 of Thayet PDF and the Thunder Guerrilla Group.  News—Than Lwin Times


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