Kawthoolei, February (23)

In the two years since the military coup, nearly 40 civilians have been killed by airstrikes in all areas administered by the Karen National Union (KNU), according to the KNU.

The regime forces have carried out 307 airstrikes targeting civilians living in seven districts in the KNU-held Kawthoolei area, said the statement.

This is the number of targeted attacks on civilians and does not count airstrikes on KNU’s military areas.

The junta airstrikes killed 36 civilians and injured 57 others, damaging 258 houses, 12 schools, six hospitals, 35 public houses, four monasteries, one nunnery, and eight churches, the KNU reported.

The KNU said the details of junta airstrikes targeting civilians inside the Karen National Union (KNU) territory will be revealed in its upcoming human rights report.

News-Than Lwin Times

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