Mawlamyine, February (25)

Since the coup two years ago, the military council has hardly reported or made any arrests on drug cases in Mon State, and the rate of illicit drug use has rapidly increased, according to youth activists.

Both rural and urban areas have seen a substantial increase in drug use since the military takeover, and the substances are easily available.

According to organizations working on youth issues, more than 80 percent of people, mostly youth, between the ages of 15 and 40 in Mon State are using drugs, and most of them rely on WY and kratom.

The military regime makes few arrests for drug use, and the situation is worst in the villages. Some are using drugs by the side of the road or near the rubber plantation, a local youth said.

Furthermore, the military council sells drugs in villages and cities in collaboration with some of its subordinate groups acting as legal representatives. Those arrested were fined and later released.

Drug use arose following the military takeover as a result of the state’s lack of employment opportunities and the ease of drug purchases.

A youth activist said that the increase in drug use among young and middle-aged people could increase the risk of losing the country’s human resources.

Among the most commonly used drugs among young people in Mon State are WY, cannabis, and kratom.

With the rise in drug use, the consequences in the city, such as theft, robbery, murder, and other crimes, are on the rise.

More than 6,000 drug seizures worth more than Ks 1,000 billion were reported by the military council in 2022.

However, activists claim that the military council is unable to effectively combat drug trafficking and use.

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