Mawlamyine, 1 March

Acting President of National Unity Government urged his cabinet to increase the momentum of Spring Revolution to end military dictatorship in Myanmar.

At the 8th meeting of NUG in 2023 on 28 February morning, Duwa Lashi La  said, “People has suffered bitter experience of military’s brutality, and are desperately keen to fight against the junta without surrender.  Our cabinet members are advised to increase the momentum of revolution also remarked that the country and people have never enjoyed any progress and development under the dictatorship regime, and the NUG has expected to widen its multi-ethnic administration.

The acting president added that the only NUG will surely guarantee people stability and increase in foreign investments.

 He also requested to the neighbouring countries to stand with and to have some consideration for Myanmar people who are under brutal and violent ruling of military junta.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled from their homes, and are taking shelters at the refugee camps due to inhumane acts and killing of the military junta every day.

 News—Than Lwin Times

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