Mawlamyine, March (4)

Compared to last year, there are now more than 100,000 fewer applications for the military council’s 2023 matriculation examination, according to the statements of the military council’s Department of Myanmar Examinations.

The military council is planning to hold the matriculation exams for this academic year from March 8 to 18, and it has been announced that there are nearly 180,000 applicants nationwide.

In 2022, there were more than 300,000 students from home and abroad who took the matriculation exam held by the military council. This year, the number of students has decreased by more than 100,000.

A CDM school teacher said that due to the military council’s bombing of some areas and students lack of trust in the military council, there are more students enrolling in the schools opened by the National Unity Government (NUG). There is not even one person in 1,000 who will take the exam held by the military council in rural areas.

 In addition, due to the military council’s aerial bombardment of schools in some areas and arson attacks on the villages, some schools were destroyed, students could no longer study, and the number of students who sat exams decreased.

Some students sit the exams held by NUG online, while others join the exams in NUG-controlled territories.

The 2023 examination was held for the last time for those who did not pass the 2022 matriculation exams and for those who didn’t take the exam for other reasons, said the military council on June, last year.

There were more than 900,000 applicants for the matriculation exams annually before the military took power in Myanmar, but after the coup, the number of students who would take the exams significantly dropped.

The National Unity Government (NUG) has announced that it will not recognize the results of the matriculation exams held by the military council. News-Than Lwin Times

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