Political prisoners forcibly disappeared in Kyaikmaraw prison


Mawlamyine, March (5)

Some political prisoners who demanded human rights and prisoner’s rights in Mon State’s Kyaikmaraw Central Prison have been forcibly disappeared, according to freed political prisoners who spoke to Than Lwin Times.

If the arrested political prisoners demanded medical treatment and prisoners’ rights, the authorities took them away forcefully at night.

Some of the political prisoners who were taken by force have not returned, and when family members tried to contact them, prison officials did not give specific answers.

A freed political prisoner told Than Lwin Times that while he was in Kyaikmaraw Central Prison in Mon State, there were at least four incidents of forcibly disappearances of prisoners in the middle of the night.

The family members are worried about them as they don’t know where the regime would take the political prisoners.

Furthermore, a political prisoner claimed that the prison authorities are torturing political prisoners in various ways, including providing them with contaminated food and water.

The freed political prisoners say that political prisoners from Kyaikmaraw Central Prison suffered more tortures than prisoners convicted of other crimes, and that prison staff torture them mentally and physically to make them not want to participate in politics.

Currently, the military council does not provide political prisoners with adequate food, and the prisoners do not have access to medical treatment and good health care, which worsens the situation.

In addition, the prison authorities do not allow political prisoners to meet their family members and take the prisoners’ packages, which were delivered by their families.

It is reported that there are more than 200 male political prisoners and nearly 100 female political prisoners who have been arrested and imprisoned on political charges from various areas, including Yangon, Mandalay, Karen State, Mon State, and Bagu, in Kyaikmaraw Central Prison of Mon State.

News-Than Lwin Times


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