Mawlamyine, March (8)

The military council has said that the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Mon State should try to produce each product in every region and state, and export them abroad.

In an effort to boost the suffering MSME sector, the military council is organizing a number of seminars with MSMEs for the growth of these enterprises in some townships in the state.

The military regime held MSMEs seminars in Mawllamyine, Chaingson, Mudong, and Thanbyuzayat townships in the last three months, which were attended by members of the Mon State’s military council and businessmen.

They talked on topics including land, investment, technical advancement, market access, taxation, banking, and the development of human resources in the private sector, as well as topics like agriculture and animal products, industrial development, MSMEs, and the industrial sector.

The military regime is currently urging MSMEs affected by the coup to try to revitalize their businesses and produce export goods by holding lectures and seminars, but they are unable to provide enough electricity.

A small business owner told Than Lwin Times that MSMEs are struggling to survive due to power outages, high commodity prices, and labor shortages.

Since the military coup in Myanmar, there have been widespread power outages, and electric power is distributed only 5 hours out of 24 on a rotating basis.

The MSMEs are struggling to keep their businesses running amid power outages, skyrocketing prices of raw materials, and high transportation and general costs during the military coup.

There are over 45,000 MSME enterprises registered under the Private Industry Act and over 250,000 enterprises registered with other ministries across the country.

However, the MSMEs are unable to recover due to the consequences of the coup, such as country’s inflation and the high prices of commodities, including fuel.

News-Than Lwin Times

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