Mawlamyine, 11 March

Sacrifice of valuable human resources is unacceptable, while it is understood that there would be considerable losses in removing military dictatorship and developing a new political system, said the prime minister of National Unity Government at the meeting of Interim Local Public Administration Development Central Committee of NUG on 9 March.

Prime Minister Mahn Win Khaing Than said,  “The sacrifice of our valuable resources is totally unacceptable although we have already understood that we would suffer considerable loss rooting out the military dictatorship and development of a new political system. The war criminals will surely have to bear responsibilities for their atrocities.”

He also remarked the top priority of defense sector during the revolutionary period,  followed by the country’s internal affairs and taxation which will become crucial for both present and future situations.

 He also advised his government officials to find the best solutions for the ongoing situations, based on the previous experiences and possible political scenarios. 

 The meeting was attended by NUG ministers,  deputy ministers, permanent ministers and departmental officials.

 Photo: Than Lwin Times

Photo:   Mahn Win Khaing Thann – Prime Minister of NUG

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