Ye, March (11)

The Ye Balu, a resistance force, launched an offensive attack on the joint camp of military regime and Mon Peace Defense Force near Khanthin bridge in Son Nathar village of Ayudaung village tract in Mon State’s Ye Township in the morning of March 10.

The Ye Balu attacked the junta camp where about 15 military personnel were deploying around 7 am yesterday.

According to the leader of the Ye Balu, six junta soldiers were killed in the raid, and the other troops escaped, allowing them to capture the camp.

However, the battalion based in Ye Township fired at them continuously with heavy weapons, and they were unable to pick up weapons and retreat, the leader said.

According to local residents, the military council’s joint camp at Khanthin Bridge collects money from travelers and traders.

The Mon Peace Defense Force, which surrendered to the military regime, is also a Mon ethnic armed group that announced on October 10 of last year that it had been transformed into a militia under the command of the military council.

On March 7, the Ye Balu attacked the junta checkpoint in Ye Bridge with a drone, killing two members of the military council.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Ye Balu

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