Pinlaung, 14 March

Innocent civilians who are taking sheltering at Nam Nane village monastery of Saungpyaung area in Pinlaung Township, southern Shan state were killed and ammunition of junta troops were found at the site of masscre, according to the report of PaO National Defence Force (Kham Koung). 

 Aiming to PaO people, all the ethnic people of Myanmar and international community, the PNDF also published information and evidence of junta military’s crime against humanity and brutal killing of these civilians.

On 11 March, the junta troops camped at Pagoda Hill in eastern Nam Nane village of Saungpyaung area in Pinlaung Township, shelled heavy weapons into the village, while excess number of their forces raided the village. They deliberately and randomly shot in the village, with setting fire to the houses.

They also dragged three Buddhist monks and 18 civilians from the hideouts at basement of monastery, and brutally killed them at the front wall of monastery.

The PNDF (Kham Koung) and the allied force of KNDF took out the bodies of civilians tied with ropes before they were shot dead. 

The PNDF found the junta soldiers’ MA 5.56 bullets and its empty boxes, M79 bullets, shrapnel of heavy weapons and empty bullet boxes labelled with the military’s weapon factory at the mass killing site.

 The  PNDF (KK) has also published photo records on the damages of civilian houses caused by the air strikes and heavy weapon shell of junta troops, while collecting more evidence on brutal massacre of the military.

News—Than Lwin Times

 Photo: PNDF (KK)

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