Mawlamyine, Mrch (14)

Nearly all of the salt fields in Mon State have been completely damaged by untimely rains and high winds, and the fields of winter crops like beans and corn have also been greatly affected, the farmers told Than Lwin Times.

Water entered the salt fields on March 12 due to untimely rains, the harvested beans were damaged by the rain, and the corn plants were broken and damaged by strong winds.

A salt farmer claimed that the rain caused him to lose tens of thousands of viss of salt, and that it will take at least 20 days to start producing salt again.

If a salt field is damaged by rain, the farmers may lose up to 100 lakhs, and they may struggle to find the financial resources to restart their business.

The salt farmers, who have been facing the effects of seasonal rains and general expenses in the two years since the military coup, have once again faced rains that have affected their salt production this year.

In addition, due to untimely rains, the harvested beans are wet and will not fetch a good price, and the maize is also affected by strong winds, a farmer said.

Salt farmers, bean and corn farmers, and others in the state have suffered losses as a result of climate changes and untimely rains, and the farmers say the losses could worsen if more rain comes.

There are more than 4,200 acres of salt fields in Mon State for sun-dried salt, and rarely more than 40,000 tons of salt are produced every year, and in recent years, only about 20,000 tons of salt were produced due to the rain.

More than 170,000 acres of soybeans and corn are grown each year, and approximately 20,000 tons of pulses are produced.

News-Than Lwin Times

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