More than 1,000 residents flee homes due to junta’s artillery strikes in KNU’s Mone Township

Mone, March (19)

More than 1,000 residents fled their homes after a child was hit in an attack by the junta’s artillery fire and drone in Mone Township of the KNU’s Nyaunglaypin District, reported the KNU on March 18.

A clash broke out between the combined force of KNLA Brigade 3 and junta forces near Htwanigon and Saepale villages in Mone Township around 4:30 am on March 17. And then the junta army then fired 40 mortar rounds into the village.

The shells exploded in the fields outside Htwanigon village, Boepaikesan monastery, and the west side of Saepale village, causing damage to religious buildings, according to the statement.

At 8:50 a.m., junta troops dropped three bombs on Yele Monastery with a drone, damaging the monastery’s dining room and the roof of the monastery, according to the statement.

Some local residents are hiding in nearby bomb shelters, and 1,162 local residents from Htwanigon village and Saepale village are fleeing from their homes due to the military council army’s heavy artillery fire.

On March 14, the regime troops fired heavy weapons into Yele village from Nyaunggon village, causing an explosion near the Christian Church and a child was also hit by a shrapnel.

The junta army is frequently conducting military activities and human rights violations in 3rd Brigade of the KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District, there are frequent attacks with the joint force of KNU Brigade 3, and more than 140,000 locals are fleeing to safe places.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo -KNU

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