Junta troops comb Tanintharyi’s village for local guerillas


Launglon, 20  March

Junta soldiers raided Kadatgyi village in Launglon Township of Tanintharyi region, searched for members of people defence forces and destroyed private property, said locals to Than Lwin Times.

A military column with over 50 members searched through the houses on 17 March, while the owners have abandoned their property.

They continued hunting PDF members until 18 March as they were camping in and around the village where some locals fled there in fear of them.  

 The soldiers stole motorcycles and laptops from some houses.

 Moreover, they forced over 30 civilians to carry their weapons, ammunition and their belongings.

On 10 March, the junta troops set fire to a least five housing, and forcing nearly 700 residents to flee for their homes.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ


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