All villagers from 40 villages fleeing junta’s invasion in Nyaunglaybin


Nyaunglaybin, March (22)

All the villagers from nearly 40 villages have been forced to flee the junta’s military operation in Shwe Kyin and Kyaukgyi Townships in KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District, and some residents were arrested, reported KNU on March 21. 

The junta troops advanced towards Shwe Kyin and Kyaukgyi in KNU Brigade 3 (Nyaunglaybin District) from March 1 to 19, firing heavy weapons and injuring nine locals and damaging one religious building, 16 houses, and one barn.

Furthermore, the regime troops ransacked the homes and destroyed 20 homes, one shop, and three motorcycles, and four civilians were detained, according to the statement.

About 20,000 villagers from 39 villages in Shwe Kyin and Kyaukgyi were forced to seek shelter as a result of the junta’s brutal actions and targeted attacks on civilians; some still reside in the villages.

According to the statement, the junta army that invaded the villages in Kyaukgyi and Shwe Kyin clashed with the combined force of the 3rd Brigade of the KNLA and the 3rd Division of the KNDO.

The KNU had yet to report any casualties regarding the fighting that broke out between the junta and KNLA Brigade 3 from March 1 to 19.

Clashes between the regime forces and KNLA joint forces continue in Nyaunglaybin District of the KNU and some other districts. According to the Karen human rights group KHRG, the military council is still violating human rights, and local residents are still fleeing and in need of more assistance.

News-Than Lwin Times



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