More than 3,000 residents fleeing aerial strikes in KNU territory


Nyaunglaybin, March (23)

More than 3,000 local residents have fled junta’s aerial assaults in Shwe Kyin and Kyaugkgyi Townships in Nyaunglaybin held by KNU, reported the KNU on March 22.

The residents from Takakpu, Thaykho Desae, Kawmude and Hteemaw KweKhee villages fled their homes as junta aircraft dropped bombs at least five times on Takakpu village in Shwe Kyin on March 20, the statement said.

In another incident in KNU’s Kyaukgyi Township, the junta’s aerial bombardment destroyed a school and five homes, while an old man aged 70 was injured in the attack and the local residents from 17 villages fled to seek refuge.

The junta conducted nine aerial attacks and dropped at least 28 bombs on the communities in Shwe Kyin and Kyaukgyi on March 20, forcing 3,159 residents to flee to safer places.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Karen National Defense Force (KNDO) confronted the regime forces which invaded Shwe Kyin and Kyaukgyi in Nyaunglaybin under KNU Brigade 3 in March, the KNU reported.

There were ongoing clashes between junta forces and the resistance forces – KNLA and KNDO, and more than 140,000 residents fled the junta’s atrocities, such as mortar shelling, aerial bombardment, and violations of human rights, and they are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, said the Karen societies.

News-Than Lwin Times



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