Myawadi, , 26 March

Fighting occurred between the joint forces of KNLA and the military troops in Myawadi Township on 26 March.

Landmine exploded and caused some damages at a road section of Kawkareik-Myawadi on Asia High way by landmine explosion.

The battle at Maekanel village began around 5 am, and it spread to Thingannyinang police station and Myawadi border trade zone.

The local guerilla forces also carried out drone attacks on the two military bases in Myawadi, and the military used heavy weapon shells in   retaliatory attack., said a local to Than Lwin Times.

It was difficult for the commuters in using the damaged highway, and the toll gate in Kawkareik was closed., said a passenger.

The military used Mi35 combat helicopters in retaliatory attakcs around 9 am.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo: —CJ

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