Bokepyin, March (29)

The Bokepyin PDF reported that it raided a militia camp in Wahkyun village, Mathayywar village tract, Karathuri Town in Taningtharyi Region’s Bokepyin on March 27.

Around 2 am on March 27, the resistance force launched a fresh attack on the militia camp, where about 15 personnel were deployed.

According to the statement, six people, including the militia leader and deputy leader, were arrested, and five guns, one grenade, 17 boxes of ammunition, bullets, and accessories were seized in the raid on the camp.

The Bokepyin PDF interrogated the detained militia members, shot and killed the two leaders, and then warned the remaining militia members before releasing them.

In addition, they obtained all the lists of militia members in Bokepyin Township, and warned the rest of the members to resign as soon as possible or they would be killed if they continued to be members of the junta’s militia.

After the militia outpost was raided, the regime troops launched a massive offensive by sea and land routes, searching for PDF members around Wahkyun village.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Bokepyin PDF

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