Htantlang, 31 March

About eight civilians, including two children were killed by airstrike of military on Khwaho village of Htantlang Township, Chin State, on 30 March, according to local resistance forces to Than Lwin Times.

The bomb was deliberately dropped over a house around 10 am although there was not battle in this area.

The military is targeting civilians with ground and aerial attacks on the areas with strong resistance.

In armed clashes with Chin defence forces in Hakha and Falam, the junta troops are being defeated in the battles, according to the local guerilla forces.

The Ministry of Human Rights of National Unity Government said the military has committed over 60 massacres, killing more than 700 civilians, after the coup.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo Caption: Arson attack of military troops in Htantlang Township (Chin Human Rights


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