Loikaw, April (1)

More than 80% of the population of Kayah State has fled their homes as a result of the regime troops’ aggressive offensive, the aid workers told Than Lwin Times.

After imposing martial law there, the junta army is fiercely attacking with massive force in Kayah State's townships of Bawlakhe, Demoso, Hpruso, and Shar Daw, which are controlled by the People's Defense Forces,

The military council directed that Kayah State be influenced as much as possible because it is a militarily important location near Nay Pyi Taw, with military columns invading from Bawlakhe, Loikaw, and Pekon Townships.

The number of displaced people in Kayah State, which has a population of about 300,000, has risen to more than 250,000 as a result of the increased fighting in March.

People fleeing the conflict have nowhere to go because of the military council's invasion and aerial bombardment, according to the aid workers who assist the IDPs.

A resident said, "Junta soldiers have launched offensive. Military aircraft also drop bombs on the communities. So we don't even dare to live in the village anymore". On the other hand, the junta troops have been conducting airstrikes on the areas where the displaced people live in Kayah State and continuously firing heavy weapons.

On March 30, the fighter jet attacked a school in eastern Demoso, damaging the school building and killing a displaced person.

An aid worker in western Demos said that the refugees have to pack their belongings at the ready to run to another place.

In addition, the displaced people at the refugee camps are facing a shortage of clean drinking water and food, and children and the elderly are also suffering from health problems.

In Kayah State, there were only more than 200,000 people fleeing the conflict until February, but within a month and a half, more than 50,000 people arrived, and the death toll in the camp has reached almost 130, according to the local organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times


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