Tabayin, 4 April

 Junta conducted airstrikes over the western part of Tabayin Township in Sagaing region, for three consecutive days, causing locals from 10 villages in this area to abandon their homes, said the residents to Than Lwin Times.

Thousands of people left their villages because the military used a Mi-35 helicopter from the headquarters of Northwestern Command in Monywa Township to attack nearby villages as of 31 March.

 On 27 March, about 100 soldiers conducted offensive attacks along Saipyin-Tabayin road where they suffered counter-attacks of local defence forces, and carried out airstrikes.

In the battles on 2 April, the military used fighter jets, said a local.

The Ministry of Human Rights under the National Unity Government said that the military committed over 60 massacres, killing more than 700 civilians in these incidents.

The report of research organization Data For Myanmar confirmed that the junta burnt down over 60,000 houses and buildings since it seized power in the past two years.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—IDPs supporting group in Tabayin

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