Myawaddy, April (6)

Fierce fighting between the junta-aligned BGF and the combined resistance forces has been ongoing since the morning of April 5 near the new city of Shwe Kokko, which is controlled by the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF), the locals said.

The fighting started when the resistance forces attacked the BGF’s gate camp and military outposts in the villages of Hti Kaw Htaw, Htee Chayar, Htee Wahpa Law near the new town of Shwe Kokko in the northern part of Myawaddy, Karen State.

The junta troops are fighting with the help of the air force, and a BGF gate camp in Hti Kaw Htaw village near Shwe Kokko was attacked and captured by the revolutionary forces and set on fire, a local source said.

During the battle near the new town of Shwe Kokko, the junta  carried out airstrikes, causing the local people from nearby villages to flee to the bank of the Moei River, also known as the Thaungyin River , on the Thai-Myanmar border.

The BGF has blocked all entrances to Shwe Kokko new city and warned people not to go outside.

Due to the fighting that took place near the border, the Thai army has increased security on its side, and the displaced people entered Thailand by crossing the Thaungyin River, according to the locals.

The area where the battle took place near Shwe Kokko is in the area of the KNU Brigade 7, and it is the first battle in that area, according to sources close to the revolutionary forces.

On the other hand, the fighting between the BGF joint forces and the combined force of the KNLA continues in Thingan Nyi Naung in Brigade 6 of Myawaddy, and the junta carried out airstrikes on Inner Mae Kanae and outer Mae Kanae villages in Myawaddy.

According to local residents, the airstrike has forced all the local residents of Inner Mae Kanae and outer Mae Kanae villages into hiding, and they are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

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