Myawaddy, April (7)

As the fighting between the combined forces of the junta army and allied BGF, and the resistance joint forces continues to intensify near Shwe Kokko new city in Karen State’s Myawaddy Township, more than 6,000 people have fled into Thailand, according to Thai authorities.

On April 5, the fighting broke out when the revolutionary forces attacked two BGF gate camps in Hti Kaw Htaw village near the new city of Shwe Kokko and on the old Shwe Kokko-Myawaddy highway.

According to local news sources, fighting between the two factions resumed on April 6 and resulted in injuries or fatalities.

Moreover, the Mae Kane region and Thingan Nyi Naung under the KNU Brigade 6 close to Myawaddy have seen an increase in confrontations between the junta troops and the combined KNLA forces.

On April 5, the junta army carried out airstrikes on the inner and outer Mae Kane areas, causing local residents to flee the entire village and the displaced are now in urgent need of food, medicine, and accommodation, according to the locals.

Since the end of March, the regime troops and its affiliated BGF clashed with the KNLA joint forces in Myawaddy and Kawkayeik Townships in Karen State, resulting in civilian casualties.

In Kawkayeik Township, the conflict between the junta troops and the KNLA joint forces has injured seven local people, including two children, and two houses have been burned, residents said.

After the military leader said at Armed Forces Day on March 27 that he would take decisive action against some ethnic armed organizations that support the National Unity Government (NUG) and People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), fierce fighting broke out in the KNU-held territories.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Social Media

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