Tanintharyi, April (8)

The regime troops shot and killed three civilians while invading Yan Pho and Panaknge villages in Tanintharyi, the officials from Tanintharyi PDF confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

A military column of 50 troops entered Yan Pho village, arrested Ko Pe Lan, 30, and shot at him around 7 p.m. on April 6.

Following that, the junta troops shot two local youths who were riding a motorcycle in Panaknge village for no apparent reason.

The locals have not dared to go and pick up the bodies of the two locals because of the presence of soldiers there until now.

Since March 28, fighting between the junta troops and the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) has intensified in Tanintharyi Township, where martial law has been declared, with casualties on both sides.

More than 400 civilians have been killed in two years after the military coup, according to the Southern Monitor, a research group.

News-Than Lwin Times

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