Myawaddy, April (9)

Humanitarian aid, like food and medical supplies, is required more for those fleeing the conflict in Karen State, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) told Than Lwin Times.

Fighting began at the end of March between the combined force of the junta army and BFG and the KNLA-led revolutionary forces in Shwe Kokko new town in Myawaddy Township, Karen State, and in Mae Kane, Asian Road, Kawkayeik, and Kyondoe towns, and the military has remained tense until April 8.

In the Karen State, the number of people who have fled their homes has increased due to the military council’s artillery fire and airstrikes targeting the civilian population.

With the fighting ramping up, there is an urgent need for humanitarian aid, according to Saw Nanda Suu, organizer of the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG).

Amidst the intensity of the fighting, the Karen resistance forces have issued a joint warning to civilians to avoid crossing the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik Asian Highway, which is a border trade route in Karen State, starting April 7.

There were nearly 500,000 people fleeing the conflict in all KNU-administered areas, but Saw Nanda Suu estimated that the number of people fleeing may increase to nearly 600,000  due to the recent fighting that took place in the 7th Brigade area, the Shwe Kokko area, and along Asian Highway.

In particular, airstrikes, indiscriminate shooting with heavy weapons, targeted attacks on communities, arbitrary arrests, killings, etc. are serious violations of human rights that amount to war crimes. Also, this violates international humanitarian law,” said Saw Nanda Suu.

According to Myanmar social organizations, nearly 10,000 local residents fleeing the recent fighting near Shwe Kokko are also living in the Thai areas of Mae Sot and Mae Ramat, and are in need of humanitarian aid.

News – Than Lwin Times

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