Min Hla, 9 April

People’s Revolution Alliance (PRA-Magway) launched two short-range missiles at the No.10 Defense Industry (DI-10)  of the military on 7 April, burning the factory and killing some soldiers, according to PRA-Magway to Than Lwin Tims.

The factory is producing is long-range rockets,  tank ammunition and surface-to-air missile.

The tactical mission of PRA-Magway was jointly conducted by Upper Min Hla’s People’s Defense Force and South Magway People’s Defense Force, with the support of Asho Chin Defense Force and Key of Revolution guerilla force.

The Chief of PRA-Magway requested public collaboration in every missions which required information, collecting ammunition and safe routes for transportation.

The recent attack on DI-10 happened when experts on China, Russia and North Korea are reportedly visiting there, but it remains unconfirmed yet. The junta has not published this attack.

News: Than Lwin Times  Photo: PRA – Magway

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