Mawlamyine, April (11)

Trade between Thailand and Myanmar has almost completely halted as a result of the ongoing fighting in the Karen State’s townships of Kawkayeik and Myawaddy, and during Thingyan, commodity prices are likely to surge dramatically, the economists and the traders told Than Lwin Times.

Since March 25, fighting has been going on between the regime troops and the revolutionary forces along the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik Asian Highway, which is important for trade, and tension has remained high until now.

The 10 revolutionary forces issued a joint warning to the people not to use the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik Asian Highway from April 7 to 21 due to the intense fighting.

The revolutionary group said that the military council is using civilian vehicles to transport troops, ammunition, and food through the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik Asian road, and so they restrict the movement of the people.

According to an economist, the import and export sectors may suffer severely owing to the closure of the Asian Highway as a result of the conflict, and commodity prices may soon rise rapidly.

In addition, Thai goods flow to various parts of Myanmar through the Myawaddy border, so if the road is blocked for a long time, the trade sector may decrease by at least 25 percent of the country’s trade volume.

A border trader told Than Lwin Times that the Thai-Myanmar trade routes such as the Myawaddy-Kawkayeik Asian Highway as well as the Hote Ko Koe Road have been halted due to fighting.

While the fighting was going on, the military council announced that the Asian Highway could be used again, but the trade sector was suspended due to the uncertain security situation.

Myanmar imports Thai products such as basic food, medicine, cosmetics, consumer goods, construction raw materials, and general commodities through the Myawaddy border, and exports corn and local crops to Thailand.

News – Than Lwin Times

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