Myawaddy, April (12)

On April 11, fierce fighting between the junta-affiliated Border Guard Force (BGF) and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint force was raging in the Mekanei area of KNU Brigade 6, and the regime troops have been carrying out airstrikes and artillery shelling, according to reports on the ground.

Sources on the ground say that the junta forces launched four airstrikes in one day and dropped 500-pound bombs.

In addition, the junta’s Thingyan Nyi Naung strategic force is continuously firing mortar shells towards Mekanei village.

The number of casualties caused by the military council’s airstrikes and artillery shelling is not yet known, and sources on the ground said that both sides suffered heavy losses during the fighting.

The junta army and BGF troops marched in three columns towards Mekanei village after the KNLA attacked the police outposts of Myawaddy trade zone and Thaingan Nyi Naung in early April.

Nearly 30 junta and BFG forces were killed, more than 30 people, including officers, were injured in the battle that broke out near Mekanei village in Myawaddy Township, and some weapons and ammunition were also confiscated. Meanwhile, the military council’s artillery attacks destroyed  houses and property in Mekanei, the Cobra column, a KNLA’s armed wing, reported on April 10.

According to Karen social organizations, thousands of local people from the villages of Phar Chaung, Ywar Thit, inner and outer Mekanei, and Noe Bo have fled their homes due to the fighting that took place in the village of Mekanei in the territory of the KNU Brigade 6.

 News – Than Lwin Times

Photo-Cobra Column

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