Mawlamyine residents say they won’t take part in junta-organized Thingyan Festival


Mawlamyine, April (13)

The residents of Mawlamyaing said that they will not participate in the Thingyan Festival, which will be arranged by the military council committing violence, oppression, torture, and killings by using various methods against the civilians.

The Mon State’s military council has built a central pavilion, an entertainment pavilion, and a water-throwing pavilion along Mawlamyien Kanna Road to celebrate the Thingyan Festival at a cost of hundreds of thousands of kyats.

In addition, some singers, including Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan, have been invited to perform at the central pavilion, and a walking Thingyan Festival is also planned to be held at Mawlamyine Ramanya Park.

A resident of Mawlamyine told Than Lwin Times, “The military council is trying to show the world that the country is peaceful by celebrating the Thingyan Festival with huge crowds while brutally oppressing the communities of urban and rural areas and I will not enjoy the event. And, I would like to call on the people to boycott the businesses that are supporting this junta army”.

On the other hand, the military council ordered the entrepreneurs and companies to build pavilions to make the Thingyan Festival crowded, and is mobilizing people by paying them Ks 10,000 each to come to the Thingyan Festival.

A resident from Mawlamyine said that he would not go to the pavilions of the military council and that the Thingyan Festival would not be crowded with people because the people hated and resented the military regime.

On April 11, an improvised mine was found in the Thingyan pavilion of a fuel tycoon in Mon state, which was forcibly built due to the pressure of the military council.

Residents say that after an improvised mine was found at the Thingyan pavilion, the military council blocked some streets along the Kanna Road and tightened security there by deploying a large number of soldiers and policemen.

The military council’s efforts to make people flock to the Myanmar New Year’s traditional Thingyan Festival are just a show, so the resistance forces urge the people not to participate in the events and to show sympathy to the people in the areas where the fighting is fierce.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Bo Bo Win


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