Myawaddy, April (14)

It was reported that five PDF comrades lost their lives and eight others were injured in the fighting between the junta army and aligned-BGF, and the resistance forces from the end of March to 12 April, near the town of Myawaddy in the territory of KNU Brigade 6, according to the report of Black Panther column.

On March 25, in addition to the Myawaddy trade zone battle, the junta army and aligned-BGF clashed with the revolutionary forces in the vicinity of Myawaddy. The Black Panther column said that their group, along with the KNLA Brigade 6, Cobra column, Federal Wings, Golden Eagle, and Yaung Ni, deployed forces in various places near Myawaddy and are continuing to carry out the operation.

The fighting that took place from March 25 to April 12 resulted in a large number of junta soldiers being injured or killed, and the Black Panther column lost five comrades and eight others were injured, the Black Panther column said.

In addition, on the evening of April 11, the combined force of KNU/KNLA, Cobra column, Golden Eagle, and Black Panther column launched an attack on the BGF camp near Myawaddy, leading to an exchange of fire, and later the resistance forces successfully captured the camp.

It is reported that 10 BGF troops were killed, and many weapons, mines, ammunition boxes and bullets were seized.

The conflict in Mekanei village, Noe Bo village tract, Myawaddy Township under KNU Brigade 6 has forced thousands of local residents to flee to safety, and children, the elderly, and pregnant women are in need of more humanitarian aid, according to the Karen social organizations.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MPA

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