Kawthaung, April (18)

The exchange of fire between the military-aligned militia group and the People’s Defense Forces in Seikphoo village in Taningtharyi Region’s caused hundreds of residents to flee to the Thai side, according to the Tanintaryi PDF.

On the evening of April 16, the Tanintharyi PDF entered the home of militia leader Kyaw Win and deputy leader Myint Aung of Seikphoo village and exchanged fire between the two sides.

Two militia leaders were killed in the incident, and their two AK-47 guns, 119 rounds of AK bullets, one pistol, four bulletproof vests, two sets of uniforms, a gas gun, five boxes of ammunition, and knives were also seized, the statement said.

An official of the Tanintharyi PDF said that hundreds of locals of Seikphoo have fled to the Thai side as a result of the gunfire, and the actual number of IDPs is unknown.

As a result of the attack, the residents of Seikphoo village crossed the river by boat and fled to Thailand. They have not returned to their homes until April 17.

In March, the fighting in Wynedin village in Kawthaung Township forced more than 500 residents to temporarily flee to Thailand.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – THI PDF

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