Military jet fighter bombs over eastern Loikaw, damaging IDP clinic


Loikaw, 19 April

Military used a jet fighter in carrying out aerial attack on eastern Loikaw city of Kayah state, and a clinic for internally displaced persons was totally damages, said U Banyar, the chairman of Human Rights Committee under Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC).

The jet fighter dropped four bombs around 2 am on 17 April, but only three of them exploded.

 The military might have targeted IDP camp, and no one was injured in the attack, said U Banyar to Than Lwin Times.

 Recently, the military fired heavy weapon shelling to the shelters of IDPs, injuring a 53-year old man and 12-year old girl.

  Airstrikes occurred more frequently in eastern Loikaw city after the water festival pandal of Kayah State government was attacked by drone.

The junta’s air force has carried out over 3,00 attacks in Kayah state in the past two years of military coup.

News—Than Lwin Times



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